Transforming Data Into Opportunity

Our Vision

Become the unrivalled global hub for football enthusiasts, uniting players and fans across borders. We’re not just building the #1 app for footballers, we’re creating the ultimate platform that elevates the entire game. Through cutting-edge tools and our shared passion for the beautiful game, we’re setting new standards for organisation, monetisation, and innovation.

Our Mission

Empowering aspiring footballers worldwide by creating accessible and dynamic opportunities to engage in football activities, enabling them to unlock and maximise their full potential.

The SOCALOCA Journey So Far

The Inception: A Vision to Democratise Football

SOCALOCA emerged from Lionel and Sayf’s ambition to democratise football, focusing on regions with potential yet overlooked talent and inadequate infrastructure.

From Concept to MVP

The idea swiftly turned into action, transitioning from a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) into the inaugural version of the SOCALOCA app, setting the stage for its development.

Continuous learning and R&D through the Pandemic

During the 2020-2023 football pause due to the pandemic, our team capitalised on this time to refine ideas and craft comprehensive solutions for football stakeholders.

Looking to the Future: Expansion and Impact

Following initial success in Ghana, SOCALOCA is set for launch there and expansion across Africa, aiming to lead in football development and talent discovery continent-wide.

A Breakthrough in Africa: Market fit in Ghana

SOCALOCA’s MVP flourished in Africa, culminating in a pivotal partnership with the Ghana Football Association, establishing it as the default football platform in Ghana.

Our Core Values


Equal access to our platform for all users.


Providing all users with the opportunity of growth and development.


We are dedicated towards providing a safe environment for our users to practice the game they love.

The Founding Team

Lionel Foy

Lionel Foy


Lionel is a seasoned football professional and social entrepreneur with a drive to make the beautiful game more accessible and equitable. His background as a FIFA-Licensed Player & Match Agent, combined with his entrepreneurial mindset and MSc in Sports Management & Business of Football, uniquely position him to build innovative solutions in the world of football. He is particularly interested in using technology to discover hidden talent, streamline football organisation and administration, and create transparent, data-driven marketplaces.

Suvadeep Sarkar

Suvadeep Sarkar

Chief Technology Officer

With over 24 years of experience in Software Solution Design, Digital Marketing, Account Management & Cross Country Project Management in several geographies (Europe, Africa, North America and Asia). Suvadeep leads SocaLoca’s development team and is the main person behind the tech that powers SocaLoca.

Daniel Cole

Daniel Cole

Chief Commercial Officer

Whilst adept at leading teams, Daniel is big on teamwork, collaboration and customer service. He is the main person behind SocaLoca’s partnerships with various clubs and organisations, joining SocaLoca from a sales and customer relations background. He is also a youth talent scout and player agent, working with young aspiring footballers globally.


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