SOCALOCA: Championing NGOs in Football for Social Good

Football as a Force for Positive Change

At SOCALOCA, we recognise football as a powerful democratising force in society, transcending barriers of status, race, nationality, gender, and disability. Its ability to unify and inspire diverse interests – from professional to grassroots and social football – is unparalleled.

Empowering Communities Through Football

We firmly believe in football’s potential to positively impact individuals and communities. Whether it’s fostering community growth, enhancing welfare, or supporting the development of young people, football can be a catalyst for transformative change.

Partnering with Visionary NGOs

SOCALOCA is committed to collaborating with football development NGOs that share our vision of giving back to the community. We invite charities and NGOs to partner with us and gain access to a personalised space, complete with your organisation’s logo and branding.

A Dedicated Hub for NGO Initiatives

Through this dedicated hub, NGOs can showcase their initiatives to our diverse user base. The platform enables direct engagement with social and casual footballers, creating an ecosystem for displaying initiatives, sharing regular updates, news, and announcements.

Engaging Content and Communication Tools

NGOs have the opportunity to upload their latest videos and photos, connecting with users through regular push notifications. This feature ensures ongoing engagement and visibility for your initiatives.

Data-Driven Insights for Effective Outreach

SOCALOCA provides NGOs with analytical insights into their audience, enabling data-driven decisions and targeted outreach strategies. This helps in maximising the impact of your initiatives and understanding your audience better.

Expanding NGO Reach through the SOCALOCA Marketplace

The SOCALOCA Marketplace is another platform for NGOs to extend their reach. Here, NGOs can present their causes and campaigns, connect with potential supporters, and even explore fundraising opportunities.

Join SOCALOCA: Where NGOs Make a Lasting Impact

Become part of SOCALOCA’s vibrant community, where NGOs are empowered to leverage football for social good. With our platform, amplify your message, engage with a global audience, and make a lasting impact in communities through the beautiful game.

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