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The TransferLoca platform is a revolutionary solution for simplifying and streamlining the player transfer process within the world of football. It provides a centralised hub where clubs, academies, and football agents can connect, negotiate, and finalise player transfers with ease. This streamlined approach eliminates unscrupulous actors and ensures that all parties involved are on the same page from the outset.

TransferLoca facilitates seamless trades between clubs and academies, while also acting as a comprehensive aggregator for domestic FIFA Connect and TMS platforms. This centralised repository of information provides users with a holistic view of the transfer market, enabling them to make informed decisions and optimise their player acquisition strategies.

KAD Galaxy FC's crest, with bold yellow and black colors, heralds a new era of football transfers through SOCALOCA and TransferLoca, aligned with FIFA's vision.

“As the manager of K.A.D. Galaxy Football Club, using SOCALOCA in our league competition has significantly improved our record-keeping and accessibility. SOCALOCA has enabled us to efficiently track our players’ records, including the goal-scoring charts, as well as yellow and red cards received in our matches. It has also facilitated advance access to our opponents’ lineups, allowing us to prepare better for upcoming games. Previously, we could only see our opponents’ team sheets on match days, but now, with SOCALOCA, we can view their match squad as soon as we generate our own team sheet, even days before the match. SOCALOCA has also enhanced the transparency of our league by providing access to comprehensive details for all zones, including match scores, MVPs, and more.

Before SOCALOCA, obtaining updates required making phone calls across the zone. Now, as soon as referees and match commissioners submit their reports, we are immediately notified about the match details.

Furthermore, SOCALOCA has simplified the process for clubs and agents abroad to monitor our local players by viewing their uploaded videos on the system. This has made it easier to market our players without any difficulties.”

Portrait of KAD Galaxy FC's astute manager, symbolizing the club's innovative partnership with SOCALOCA and TransferLoca for advancing FIFA-compliant football transfers.
Amankwah David

Manager, K.A.D. Galaxy Football Club
(Eastern Region Division 2 Club)

In addition to its core transfer facilitation services, TransferLoca also aims to disrupt the traditional player transfer market by empowering the producers of young talent, such as academies and developmental clubs. By connecting these entities directly with buying clubs, TransferLoca ensures that the rewards associated with developing young players are shared throughout the football pyramid system. This equitable approach is particularly beneficial for developing football markets where resources for youth development are often limited.

TransferLoca’s commitment to transparency, efficiency, and fairness makes it an ideal solution for Football Associations, Clubs, Academies, and Football Agents seeking to streamline their player transfer processes and maximise their return on investment. With its innovative approach and dedication to the development of young talent, TransferLoca is poised to revolutionise the player transfer market and level the playing field for all involved parties.

Coming This Fall

Dear Football Agents

We are pleased to inform you that the TransferLoca platform will be available in the third quarter of 2024. The platform is designed to transform the football player transfer process by providing a central place where clubs, academies, and agents can communicate, negotiate, and complete player transfers efficiently.

Here are the main features you can look forward to:

Streamlined Transactions: Facilitates straightforward exchanges between clubs and academies.

Connecting with Talent Sources: Makes it easier to connect with academies and development clubs, allowing agents to discover and secure new talents earlier.

Transparency and Fairness: Ensures a clear and fair process for all, protecting the interests of agents and their clients.

Simplified Process: Reduces the complexity of player transfers, decreasing administrative work and emphasising successful negotiations.

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