SOCALOCA Competition Management Module: Transforming Tournament Organisation

The Ultimate Tool for Football Tournament Organisers

Are you organising a football tournament at any scale, age level, or location? SOCALOCA brings you the ultimate solution with our highly flexible, adaptable, and intuitive Competition Management Module (CMM).

Effortless Setup and Seamless Integration

Our web-based CMM is designed for organisers at all levels – from grassroots to professional. Quickly set up your competition, whether it’s a league or a cup format, and manage it efficiently with our user-friendly system. The module integrates seamlessly with player, coach, and team profiles on the SOCALOCA App.

Real-Time Updates and Comprehensive Management

What you do in the CMM’s web-based backend is instantly reflected in the SOCALOCA App. Update match scores and watch as the results instantly go live to app users. Our system ensures everyone stays updated with the latest competition developments.

Features Tailored for Success

The SOCALOCA CMM guides you through every step of competition management:

  • Easy definition and setup of your tournament, be it league or cup.
  • Simple invitations for teams to join the tournament.
  • Generation of fixtures and flexible scheduling of matches.
  • Quick updates of match scores, player performances, and disciplinary records.
  • Uploading of match-related pictures and videos, including highlights.
  • Automatic updates of league tables, competition stats like top scorers and assists, and individual player and team profiles.
  • Efficient closure of the competition once it concludes.

Free Access to Revolutionary Competition Management

The best part? The SOCALOCA Competition Management Module is currently free for all users. Simply register with us as a tournament organiser and start powering your competitions with ease!

Learn More with Our Tutorials

Need guidance? Check out our YouTube tutorials on how to create, set up, and manage your tournaments using SOCALOCA.

Join SOCALOCA: Elevate Your Football Tournaments

With SOCALOCA’s CMM, organising football tournaments has never been easier. Join us now and experience the future of football competition management!

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