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SOCALOCA introduces TalentLoca, a groundbreaking platform poised to revolutionise the global football  scouting landscape. With its vast repository of over half a million players, TalentLoca empowers football  scouts and agents to uncover and nurture the next generation of footballing stars, regardless of their geographical location or socio-economic background.

TalentLoca’s comprehensive database encompasses aspiring footballers from grassroots to elite levels, spanning across the African continent. Leveraging the power of data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence, TalentLoca equips scouts and agents with cutting-edge tools to effortlessly explore,  shortlist, recommend, and track the progress of promising young players.

Furthermore, TalentLoca introduces a unique Scouting Report Service, enabling players with Advanced Profiles to request personalised scouting reports based on their SOCALOCA activity. This innovative feature not only provides value to aspiring footballers seeking professional evaluation but also offers scouts an additional source of income while contributing to the development of untapped talent.


“As a scout involved in TalentLoca’s beta testing, I’ve been thrilled to see its impact on discovering football talents from underrepresented regions. Offering feedback and seeing our suggestions come to life has been rewarding. The platform’s extensive database and the personalised scouting reports stand out, enhancing how we identify and nurture emerging talents. My participation has given me a unique insight into TalentLoca’s potential to transform football scouting, making the sport more accessible and ensuring no talent is overlooked.”

Coming This Fall

Anticipated to launch in Fall 2024, TalentLoca stands as a beacon of hope for aspiring footballers  worldwide, promising to bridge the gap between raw talent and global recognition. With its commitment to innovation and fairness, TalentHub is poised to reshape the future of football scouting and elevate the careers of countless young players.

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