General FAQs

How does SOCALOCA protect users data?
The primary level of security that SOCALOCA uses is called SSL and this encrypts your data. Our Servers where your data is stored and protected have multi level security firewalls built in to protect your data.
Is SOCALOCA available for all users worldwide?
SOCALOCA is a global app and is available for download worldwide from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.
Is SOCALOCA available in more than one language?
SOCALOCA is currently available in the following languages: English, French, Portuguese and Spanish.
Yes SOCALOCA is free for download from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.
How can I contact SOCALOCA?

You can contact SOCALOCA with any questions or enquiries at

How do I delete my Account?
You can delete your SOCALOCA account by heading to Privacy Settings and then selecting Manage Account.
Where is SOCALOCA available for download?
SOCALOCA is free to download from both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.
Can I share SOCALOCA with my friends?
You can share SOCALOCA from within the app by tapping on the share button which is found in the My Bio section.


Can I join teams on SOCALOCA?
Yes you can request to join any of the teams created on SOCALOCA in your area by visiting the Teams section, clicking on a team and then selecting Request to Join.
Does SOCALOCA keep a record of my stats?
Yes, SOCALOCA keeps a record of your appearances, goals, assists, and more, subject to team managers/tournament organisers updating matches you participate in within the app.
Can I upload videos of my playing skills?
Yes, SOCALOCA allows all players to upload footage of their playing skills, all footage uploaded is immediately populated in the SOCALOCA feed available to all users.

Tournament Organiser

Can I manage my Tournament on SOCALOCA?

You can manage your tournaments using the simple and easy Competition Management Module. The Competition Management Module is free for Tournament organisers and you can register here.

How do I invite teams to my tournament?
You can invite teams to your tournament via the Competition Management Module. All teams created within SOCALOCA in your area will be available to invite to your tournament. Once invited the team administrator will receive a notification via the SOCALOCA Mobile app inviting them to your tournament.
Can I assign multiple users to my account to manage my tournaments?
Yes, SOCALOCA allows Tournament organisers to add multiple users to create and manage tournaments on their behalf. Simply access the Competition Management Module and navigate to User Management to add additional users.


Do I need to be a certified coach to be on SOCALOCA?
No. Certified, non-certified, informal, and aspiring coaches can register accounts on the SOCALOCA app.
What is the difference between a Coach and a Manager on SOCALOCA?
In the SOCALOCA app, a coach refers to the traditional role of a “Coach” or the person responsible for the technical direction of a team, whilst the manager refers to the Team’s administrator or the person that manages the team’s account on the SOCALOCA app. Please note that both roles can be held by the same individual.
Can I register as a player as well as a coach/manager?
Yes. SOCALOCA is designed to take into account the particularities of social and grassroots football where sometimes one individual can take on more than one role within a team.


What types of clubs are allowed to be on the SOCALOCA app?
Currently only professional football clubs that are part of an officially recognised league can join SOCALOCA. We are working to bring a similar functionality to semi-professional clubs in the future.
I am a Professional Football Club, how do I get my club listed on the SOCALOCA app?
By registering your club and players via the SOCALOCA app.


What level of Academies are allowed to be on the SOCALOCA app?
Academies of all levels can join the SOCALOCA app – from grassroots all the way up to elite-level football.
How do I add my Academy on the SOCALOCA app?

You can register your Academy on the SOCALOCA website here. Upon registration, SOCALOCA uses its algorithms to automatically categorise your academy and grant access to the SOCALOCA Academy Console. Note that all entries you make on the Console is automatically available in the App.

How do I manage my Academy?
You can manage your Academy via the SOCALOCA Academy Console.
What does the SOCALOCA Academy Console do?

Within the Academy console, you can manage your academies players, communicate directly with them, record training and games, rate, endorse, write notes and shortlist your players, search and recruit local talent, and much more. Register here today to start managing your academy.


How will SOCALOCA benefit my FA?
SOCALOCA supports Football Associations and policymakers to make informed policy by providing FAs with individualised consoles that gives them an overview of all footballing activity within their respective jurisdictions. Within the Console, FAs can track participation rates, advertise competitions, courses and events, and keep fans updated with “News & Announcements”.
Can I use SOCALOCA to organise tournaments and leagues?

SOCALOCA allows for the organisation of grassroots and professional fixtures through SOCALOCA’s Competition Management Module. The FA will have to create a separate and free Tournament Organiser account here.

Can I broadcast live football games?

The SOCALOCA App enables streaming of live or recorded games. Additionally, SOCALOCA allows FAs the possibility to display and sell merchandise, as well as adding sponsors to their individualised hubs.  

How do I join SOCALOCA?

If you are a Football Association, you can ask to become a SOCALOCA partner and gain access to an individualised hub with your logo and branding.


What do I gain by joining SOCALOCA?
As a Fan, you can search, follow and endorse your favourite football players. Additionally, you can follow matches, tournaments and competitions as they happen.
Can I find football games in my area and join if I chose to?
SOCALOCA strives to allow you to connect and engage with the football community in and around where you are. Search for pick-up games and matches in your area to join in.
How do I sign up to SOCALOCA?
If you are a football fan, you can sign up via the SOCALOCA App.


How do I become a sponsor?

You can contact the SOCALOCA team at to enquire about our sponsor partnership packages, alternatively you can find more information by visiting the Sponsors page via the SOCALOCA website.

As a sponsor, can I advertise on both the website and mobile app?
No, Sponsors’ information is published directly to the mobile application where sponsors can showcase their brand in the virtual presence of thousands of users every day. However if a sponsor chooses to partner with SOCALOCA there information can be advertised on the website.
In which areas would my brand be shown as a sponsor?
Your brand will have its own dedicated hub within the Mobile app, here you can showcase initiatives and promotions, plus links to your website and products.

NGOs & Charities

Is there a limit on how many NGOs & Charities you will support?
No, SOCALOCA strives to partner with football development NGOs & Charities that are inspired to give back to the community and to those who are less fortunate.
Do NGOs & Charities have to pay a subscription fee?
No, the SOCALOCA platform is free for NGOs and Charities.
What can our organisation expect to gain from signing up as an NGO or Charity?
SOCALOCA offers NGOs & Charities a chance to highlight initiatives to our users via their unique hub. NGOs & Charities can upload their latest video and photo content, and connect with users by sending regular push notifications through the App. Moreover, SOCALOCA presents NGOs & Charities with analytical insight into their audience.

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