The Future for Football Referees

Navigating Refereeing in the Digital World

In the fast-paced and constantly changing realm of football, SOCALOCA paves the way for referees to enhance their careers through the digital evolution of the sport. Our all-encompassing digital platform and app are built to support referees at every level by providing tools and opportunities tailored to meet the modern challenges officials encounter in today’s game.

Instant Match Assignments

SOCALOCA transforms how match assignments are handled, instantly alerting referees through the SOCALOCA App when they are assigned a match via the SOCALOCA Competition Management System.

Effortless Match Reporting

The SOCALOCA app streamlines match reporting, making it straightforward for referees to submit reports. The app includes features for noting scores, goals, penalties, team lineups, and referee observations, among other crucial details. With SOCALOCA, referees can easily record every aspect of a match, ensuring comprehensive and efficient documentation.

Tracking Your Refereeing Journey

SOCALOCA keeps an accurate record of each referee’s career, logging the number of matches officiated and the competitions they’ve participated in. This functionality enables referees to monitor their professional growth, highlighting their experience in various competitions and offering key insights into their refereeing career. With SOCALOCA, referees gain a full view of their path, boosting their reputation and presence in the football world.

Career Growth & Opportunities

The SOCALOCA Marketplace is a vital tool for referees aiming to advance their skills and discover new opportunities. It provides access to professional development programs from football authorities and independent educators, ensuring referees get the highest quality education and training for their roles. Additionally, the marketplace offers a wide range of refereeing roles in professional leagues, grassroots games, and events coordinated by National or Confederation bodies. SOCALOCA creates a space where career progress and skill improvement align, empowering referees to reach new heights in their officiating roles.

Lead the Way with SOCALOCA

Become part of the SOCALOCA community and elevate your refereeing career. Utilise our digital resources and opportunities to stay ahead in the game, polish your officiating abilities, and join a worldwide network of football referees. With SOCALOCA, you’re not just adapting to the digital age—you’re at the forefront of revolutionising football refereeing.

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