SOCALOCA feature in UKs leading football magazine FC Business, featuring a number of topics including grassroots football!

“We have all heard the saying that ‘Talent is equally distributed, but opportunity is not’, SOCALOCA’s mission is to bring this into balance by disrupting conventional talent identification practices and democratising football on a global scale.”

Excerpt from issues 135 of FC Business (above).

SOCALOCA had the opportunity to recently feature in FC Business, the UK’s leading business magazine for the football industry.

In the August 2021 article 135, a range of topics were covered, from the vision and idea of the SOCALOCA platform from our co-founders, including an insight into their background and how SOCALOCA started. SOCALOCA’s free Competition Management Module and how it was it was used to run a female grassroot football tournament in Uganda. As well as how SOCALOCA works with FAs to support the growth and development of grassroots football.

Other topics covered were an insight into SOCALOCA’s recent partnership with their first National Football Association the Football Federation of Belize, and how SOCALOCA are open to working with partners who want to improve the development of football.

With this recent publication, SOCALOCA expect to see an uptake in interest from those in roles across all levels of the game, but in particular stakeholders from Grassroot football development, Academies and FAs.

You can read the article in full by clicking here.

SOCALOCA continue on its mission to democratise football as a digital platform, with a range of free tools available to footballs stakeholders.

You can now watch our Co-founder Sayf Ismail online interview with FC Business as they discuss everything from how the app was created to how users are using it and our future goal in giving opportunities to grassroot talent.


A bit more about FC Business:

Running since 2004, FC business serves as a practical guide to all those involved in the business of running a club from the top tier professional teams down to Grassroot football.

For more information about FC Business visit their website here.