MatchMakR Ltd, the owner of the SOCALOCA Football Platform is proud to announce that we have signed a partnership agreement with the Football Federation of Belize. This partnership is the first formal tie-up of the SOCALOCA Football Platform with a National Football

The SOCALOCA Football Platform consists of a mobile app and web-based ecosystem which aims to serve all football stakeholders from amateur players, coaches, team managers, academies, tournament organiser’s all the way to governing bodies.

Available for download globally by any social, amateur or even professional footballer, the app provides individuals the ability to create a footballing profile. With the profile, players can showcase their skills, statistics, pictures, videos and progression as a footballer. Players can also engage with football activity within their area by joining local teams or academies and play in local tournaments.

SOCALOCA’s mission is to provide a suite of self-service tools which then help to ‘organise football’ within a country. The benefits of users using the app to create their profiles, teams and run their tournaments will be seen by the governing body as more and more data is organically collected.

The partnership will see MatchMakR and FFB work together to push the adoption of the app to amateur players, academies and local tournament organisers in Belize. FFBs Local tournaments will also be run on the ‘SOCALOCA competition module’ which integrates directly back into the individual players and teams profile.

CEO of MatchMakR, Lionel Foy is delighted to have entered this partnership and is determined to work with FFB in better organising their grassroots. “It has taken us nearly 2 years to develop and test the whole SOCALOCA ecosystem and we are excited to be able to see it being adopted by a National FA. The benefits in terms of insights on what is going on the ground for FFB will be groundbreaking”.

Lionel Foy

The Football Federation of Belize has shown great vision in adopting the use of the platform which will enable them to better understand what is going on in the grassroots level of football thus have access to data points to help them make informed decisions on policy, resource deployment and developing football within Belize.

Reflecting on the partnership, Sergio Chuc, President of the FFB mentioned ” Our Federation is ecstatic that our rapid infrastructural development is also keeping apace with technology and see this agreement as a win win for both organizations”

FFB Head of competitions, Mr. Rafael Avila is the officer spearheading the collaboration and is optimistic about the potential benefits that adopting SOCALOCA will have on the competitions that he runs, particularly the youth leagues which take place at the regional level. “SOCALOCA will give us the ability to communicate and engage better with all the teams and players participating in our local tournaments. We are also looking forward to the insights that the platform can provide once the adoption is high on the ground”.

MatchMakR & FFB are now in the training and planning phase of rolling out SOCALOCA within the footballing pyramid of Belize.

For more information contact:

Sayf Ismail
+6012 225 2325