Why SOCALOCA? Knowing that the influx of African players into European football continues to grow, and more and more of the top professionals playing for elite clubs originate from the African Continent. SOCALOCA identified a gap where in some cases clubs do not have the feasibility to scout outside of their domestic region in an economical and sustainable manner.

Taking into consideration, it takes time to build trusted sources of information to convince you to take that meaningful trip in the first place. The cost implications of travelling for 7-8 hours to another continent, visa applications, cost of accommodation, on the ground travel and adapting to different cultures does not make it easy when attempting to discover the next Sadio Mane, or Thomas Partey.

Although we can identify there are sizeable amounts of money in football, and the potential substantial profits clubs can make from uncovering the future potential stars. It is not always the case that clubs have the financial budget and human resources to deploy scouts all over the world.

So how can we combat the issues scouts face? SOCALOCA has created a marketplace where academies and clubs can display their top talent, listing player credentials, with the ability to upload full game footage.

In return, scouts now have access to thousands of players across different continents, all within SOCALOCA’s platform, widening their scouting knowledge without demanding considerable allocations that damage the clubs financial and human resources.

SOCALOCA enables scouts to analyse players, shortlist and build player dossiers from watching hours of in game footage uploaded to the platform. All of which is crucially beneficial before deciding to invite players to the clubs facilities to monitor further, or travelling to view the player in their own environment.

SOCALOCA is conscious of the restrictions clubs and scouts face, and the think tank during the development ensured the app hands scouts and clubs the tools needed to improve their scouting knowledge and recruitment with all levels of clubs worldwide in mind.

Daniel Cole