To continue to be the best platform to manage soccer competitions, we’ve updated the Competition Management Module with a host of new features to keep you on top! Available to all Tournament Organisers, read on to find out what changes have been made to make administering your tournaments a whole lot easier.

Modify Match Reports:

Made a mistake? Issue resolved! You can now easily modify match details. Once the match data is saved, the user can modify the result.

Penalties & Extra Time:

You can now record penalties & extra time in your Match Report if the match ends in penalties.


We have improved the squad list selection to now show substitutes with time stamps when updating the Match Report.


Give credit where credit is due! It is important to everyone at SOCALOCA that the brains behind the team are acknowledged. Therefore, when updating the Match Report, you can now include the teams Coach or Manager. This further highlights the recognition of Coaches & Managers in SOCALOCA.


Post directly to the SOCALOCA Feed from the Competition Management Module, upload photos & videos of your Tournaments and engage with the SOCALOCA community.

In App Match Reports:

Mobile app users can now view the complete match report as it is published from the Competition Management Module in real time. Goals, scorers, squad list, match highlights plus more can now be viewed in the app.

Export Match Reports:

You can now export match data too. Match reports can now be exported in PDF format from the console. So all those exciting stats and match data are available at the touch of a button.

Automatic Push Notifications:

Be in the know and follow all the latest tournaments in the app! In app users who follow your tournament will now receive automatic match updates as they are published from the Competitions Management Module.


Make your console personal to you! Tournament Organisers can now upload banners within the console, allowing for more personalisation of your tournaments. Use this space to highlight the tournaments logo or even your tournament sponsors directly in the app.

SOCALOCA strives to continue to be the best platform to manage soccer competitions and will continue to release updates to make Tournament Organisers life easier when running & administering tournaments.

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