Efficient way to connect soccer fans? Playing of course!

The most efficient way to connect soccer fans with tournaments is through the SOCALOCA app! And as a Tournament Organiser you can create your league or cup, invite participating teams and connect with fans all from the SOCALOCA Competition Management Module.

Using SOCALOCA for the first time to achieve this were the Super 5 League, a 5-a-side football league currently based in Hackney, London who pride themselves on being a place where women and non-binary people of all levels are welcome. Formed in 2016 the Super 5 League is comprised of 72 teams across 8 divisions in 3 different venues.

On the 25th September 2021 the Super 5 League ran its North West Launch Event Tournament at the Capital City Academy, North West London.

Despite the delay of a double booked pitch, the show went on! Goals and wins were efficiently recorded live! Connecting fans to the game as community pride was present throughout the tournament. With plenty of memorable moments, players and plays standing out, the main feeling that resonated with Super 5 League founder Shahid Malji (aka Shazz) the most was the…


“overall sheer joy from all the women who participated, they were just happy that they have been given an opportunity to play football.”



The key players making the Super 5 League North West Launch Event a success were the partnerships! Super 5 League partnered alongside the Middlesex FA have proudly launched a new Womens 5-a-side league in North West London.

With the assistance of SOCALOCA’s efficient back-end Competition Management Module & front-facing Mobile App, the Super 5 League and its participants had plenty of ways to connect with fans. The memorable moments from the tournament, from photos to videos, being uploaded directly to the SOCALOCA feed!






As the evening began to take over there was one final match to be fought, The Trophy final. After fighting their way to the top two, Cricklewood Wanderers faced off against CWSA. A beautiful battle of skill, talent and team work was displayed throughout the match. Finally Cricklewood Wanderers, managed by Romario, were announced as the Tournament Winners.

SOCALOCA, Sponsors of the Tournament Trophy on the day were delighted to hear that the launch event was a success. SOCALOCA would also like to thank Super 5 League and all its participants for using the app and look forward to the continued use of the platform as an efficient way to connect soccer fans with teams and tournaments!

Are you a female footballer looking to belong to a team? Sign up to join the Super 5 League through the SOCALOCA App. Simply create a profile, join a team, upload photos and videos showing of your skills and send a request! What are you waiting for? Join now!